Indoor Wedding Garden


Raymond & Keni

Despite the tropical climate, it did not stop as from having an immaculate garden wedding themed in an indoor area.

Our thoughts?

We were floated on air to have been a part of Raymond and Ke Ni’s beautiful moment! The wedding is delicately rustic, pretty and full of pastel florals and sprigs. The beautiful greenery scene surrounding Ciao Ristorante can be seen behind the glass windows, paring well with the occasion!

We think the colour green is actually very pleasant to our eyes and offered us a moment of zen. It helps to restore our mental clarity, by looking at different shades of green. Decorate your space with green leafy to liven and freshen up the room!

Give it a try and be sure to let us know how it goes.

Let’s build a Spring Gazebo

Spring is a symbol of renewal and hope; it is also one of the most beautiful seasons. Clearly we should take advantage of it before it’s gone.


Outdoor tea time perhaps?

We built a gazebo for Jacky and Ashley earlier and we absolutely love it. It was decorated with lots of flowers in soft colours, along with light organza and white frame. We love the dreamy feeling and think it suited the spring theme very much.

We think you can take this idea and make a lovely outdoor event space for tea with family and friends. Just add loads of flowers you like, a pot of good tea and you’re ready to chill!

A spacious garden is definitely plus point.

As always, we wish you love.


Happy Chinese New Year!

Also known as the Spring Festival, it is custom celebration of the Chinese society, Chinese New Year symbolizes a brand new start, putting away the old and welcoming the new.

Spring is the most beautiful season with blooms and colours, the earth is showering us with breeze and sunshine, a time that should be spent with loved ones. What are you doing during this festive season?

Decorate your personal space with the pretty Phalaenopsis – delicate, exotic and graceful. Besides represents beauty, luxury, harmony and good vibes, it is one of the easiest flowers to grow at home. Keep it in door with once a week watering and you can be sure it will bring joy to your space.

As always, we wish you love.

Spend time with your loved ones and happy holiday!

Welcome 2016 with Colours of Joy

Another year went by but we know you have made the best of it. Spring Cottage is starting anew too! With our newly revamped website, you can now find plenty of stories, useful tips and pretty images here.

Let’s welcome 2016 with some of our favourite arrangements (which you can also view at our instagram)

We love everything oversized. A mixture of some of the most heart-warming flowers including hydrangeas, peonies and roses, this arrangement instantly lifted the mood in any room and occasion. The pastel shades are soothing to the eyes and sweet melody to the heart.

The ultimate combination: hydrangeas and roses! Hydrangeas represent prosperity and abundance while roses speak the language of love and affection. It is definitely a welcoming combination for starting a brand new year!

Peony has become a major hit in recent years, its thick ruffled blooms and ability to return spring after spring gives it magical qualities to the floral enthusiast alike. Above all, the peony is known for representing beauty in all forms. Absolutely true!

We can talk non-stop about floral arrangement, but we’ll save it for another entry!

We are blogging to be closer to you; we want to know what are your favourite topics, the tutorials you would like to see, and send us questions if you are seeking some answers!

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